The Daily Orange
(as of Fall 2010)


The Daily Orange is an independent student newspaper that serves the Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF campuses and the city of Syracuse. The editorial department of The Daily Orange is entirely student-run. The paper has a print circulation of 9,000 and an online circulation of 20,000, and publishes Monday through Thursday with occasional sports extras on Fridays. The paper is distributed for free to more than 100 locations on and around the SU campus, including Armory Square, the South Side, Hanover, City Courts, Westcott and Nottingham business areas. Read it at


Editor in Chief | Katie McInerney
Managing Editor | Kathleen Ronayne 

News Editor | Beckie Strum 

Opinion Editor | Lauren Tousignant 

Feature Editor | Flash Steinbeiser

Sports Editor | Andrew L. John

Photo Editor | Bridget Streeter

Presentation Director | Becca McGovern


E-mail the editor of the department to which you want to contribute. For general inquiries, please contact Management at Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to The Daily Orange. To earn a position in-house, be sure to contribute often and contact your head editor for details.